2017 Theme: Rodeo 54


Dear 3 Degrees Community,

This year, as you contemplate recent national events, do you find yourself teetering on the edge of madness and despair? Have you been experiencing feelings of confusion and insanity? Is there currently a cold lump in the pit of your stomach?

Well, EFF THAT, COWBOY! Let's dance!!!!

This year promises to be the rootin'-est, tootin'-est jam-balaya we've ever had. Cuz when times get tough, the tough get to hustlin'--as in, "do the hustle"--disco rodeo style! So please join us for 3 Degrees 2017: Rodeo 54.

Why Rodeo 54? The name was inspired by the cut-loose hedonism and unabashed sparkletude of Studio 54 in NYC, one of the most famous discotheques in the world. This disco rodeo will be lighter, brighter, more interactive, and oh yes--sparkle-pony-er--than you've ever seen at a 3 Degrees campout. We can't wait to giddy-up with you all!

Ticket sales and more announcements to come soon, so keep your eye on the light-up corral, partner! Yeeee-haaaawww!

The 3 Degrees Crew