Got mad workshoppable skillz? We want YOU!

Well, howdy there, community~

Are you interested in sharing your unique skills with the 3 Degrees community during the campout?

We're looking for talented individuals who would like to workshop-ify their abilities in massage, yoga, meditation, hooping, face painting, martial arts, personal development, exercise, exploration, dance, arts/crafts or any other area you feel would benefit the community. In exchange, we have a limited number of comp tickets to the event for one leader per workshop. When those are exhausted, we have discounted tickets to offer (again, one per workshop).

For consideration, please email the Workshops Coordinator, Robin Orttung, at workshops [at] 3degreessf [dot] com.

Thank you! Can't wait to see what y'all pony up. ;)

The 3 Degrees Crew