Volunteering and Medical Lead

Howdy, Groovy Gauchos~
It's time to start wranglin'! Volunteers, that is. Did you know that 3 Degrees is a nonprofit organization and event run entirely by volunteers? No sponsorship or grant money, either--this whole community event truly could not exist without YOU.

So now that you've bought (or are about to buy) your tickets--the fuel to keep this techno tractor runnin'--how's about you give 'er a little (elbow) grease and pitch in for a volunteer shift or two? It really is what keeps this engine scootin'. 

First time at the campout? Even better! Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet/connect with your fellow community members.

There are plenty of opportunities: 231, in fact. And only 23 have been taken up, so what are you waitin' for? Saddle up that sparkle pony and hustle on over to http://www.3degreessf.com/volunteer/. Once you've signed up on the schedule, be sure to register so we can wrangle ya proper-like.

Finally, speaking of volunteers, we still need a MEDICAL LEAD. If you are medically trained (EMT, nurse, doc, medic), you’re right for the job. You’ll have a volunteer crew of folks who are CPR/First Aid certified (we're looking for more of those, too), and everyone will take shifts. It’s rare that anyone will be called upon, and there are many emergency services very close by. We just need someone to oversee this vital offering so we’re covered in case we need it. Are you game?

Thanks, partners. 

The 3 Degrees Crew