Save the date! This year's 4th of July Campout....

‘Twas brillig and the Camp of Sons
Sat nylon-tented in the wabe;
All mimsy were the gathered ones,
And the DJs outgrabe.

Immersed in uffish beats so good,
The DJwock, in laser light,
Was bounching in the tulgey wood
And spunzled half the night.
Save the date2018.jpg

That's right... we're off to Wonderland, folks! But pay attention... this yearwill be a bit topsy-turvy. The Red Queen has restricted the number of invitations we can make available. But if you manage not to be late, be late, for a very important date, you can join us in the Tulgey Wood and celebrate your unbirthday in a land of madness, nonsense, and golden afternoons.

More soon, my little dormouse.


The (2) Degrees Crew