Cups, Volunteering, Beverage Offerings!

It's only a week away, hurrah, hooray! We've still got a lot to share with you, OK...

A few things to start that are good for your heart:

There will be a self-serve morning bar (drinks only) on Friday and Saturday: one day Mimosas, the other Bloody Marys. Yay!

Which brings us to the next one: please remember to bring your own cup! Save for most recycling, we have to pack it all in/out, so the less trash we generate, the better. Utensils, plates, bowls, etc. are also encouraged.

And of course, volunteering! We still need many people to sign up, and some modifications have been made in the snack section. Please sign up! It's a great way to participate, and we need all the help we can get so things can run smoothly! Remember to REGISTER (Why the yelling?? Because we care!) before filling out the spreadsheet.

More soon, including the workshops and DJ schedules, plus so much more!

Keep posting to/checking this page and our community forum ( for ticket selling/buying and rides. You are an awesome community!

More very soon!


The 3(2) Degrees Crew