DJ Lineup, etc.

The DJ lineup is hereby released!

Some other odds and ends to attend to as well, if you please:

First, we still need volunteers! We cannot stress the importance of this enough, and are grateful to those who have signed up. It is much easier for the event to run smoothly if you sign up well before the event begins, so take a page from the White Rabbit and please hop-to if you haven't yet!

Second, if you are bringing an RV or trailer and you haven't let Kona know (or aren't sure if he does), please send us a message via

And here's the schedule you've all been waiting for! The rest of the happenings and offerings will be posted Monday and Tuesday, so please stay tuned!

11:00 AM - redvelvet
1:00 PM - Rumblemunk
3:00 PM - RikiRain
5:00 - 6:30pm DINNER BREAK
6:30 PM - John Schiffer
8:30 PM - Funomenon
10:30 PM - Matt Andrade
12:30 AM - Sean Raya
2:30 AM - Ezra

11:00 AM - MelzBellz
1:00 PM - Geo
3:00 PM - Nurse Noise
5:00 - 6:30pm DINNER BREAK
6:30 PM - Jeff Richmond
8:30 PM - Chris Hadley
10:30 PM - Psychic
12:30 AM - Ron/e


The 3(2) Degrees Crew