Very Important Final Campout Info

Here ye, hear ye! Lend us your rabbit ears!

Many important items, my dears (and a Happy 4th to you, cheers)! Camp and Sons deets, PayPal, Workshops and reminders, to be clear. (Oh and don't forget to volunteer here!; please check out the other pages while you’re there, too!)

Seriously, PLEASE read this info. This will likely answer most of your remaining questions, if any. It will really help us organizers who are frantically trying to get there before you do. :)

Starting with Camp and Sons:

-The roads have changed since last we had our event there. Google Maps has the correct directions. The only difference (and it's significant but easy) is that you will take exit 578 for CA-20 toward Clear Lake/Colusa. You'll then head up Main Street (formerly overlapped with Hwy 101) to take a right on Baechtel at Brown's Corner, just like always, and it's all the same after that. Please see the updated map (directions are from the south) here:

-Please be mindful of your children if you are bringing them, and be sure someone is watching them at all times. Camp and Sons is a glorious, magical land, but it can also be very dangerous for unattended children.

-Hot tub schedule will generally be from 8 PM - 2 AM starting Thursday night, with a note that water supplies will dictate how Saturday night goes.

-There is now a hot shower (this is a new development!). Yup. As always, though, please be MEGA-CONSERVATIVE with ALL water. This is EXTREMELY important so I’M YELLING. :)

-There is deer fencing up around the trees in the orchard, and the bathroom/shower there will not be in service. Please plan accordingly; if needed, there may be assistance available from CnS staff for getting your stuff up there, so please ask the people at the gate to contact the point person.

-Unload your stuff in the area where the wheelbarrows are kept (near the kitchen), park, and then schlep. Please do not leave your car in the unload area while you schlep as it will cause a jam. Logs have been put in place in certain areas to keep cars from passing through. Please do not move them for any reason. If you need assistance, ask the people at the gate to contact the point person.

-NO SMOKING ANYWHERE BUT THE DESIGNATED AREAS: The picnic tables by the rock wall, and the newly designated area on the brick patio outside the garden.

Now, onto tickets:

We've had a lot of questions about transferring tickets and lost emails. This has all been covered in past announcements or on our website at, though the below is an expansion on/reiteration of that info.

-Remember to post on/check the FB page ( or the website forum ( if you need to sell or buy any tickets.

-If you need to transfer your ticket, just forward your email OR log into your PayPal, find the transaction details and save them as a PDF. Send either one to the recipient(s). If two people are splitting an order, each person just needs to note that to the gate as they check in. Everyone needs to show photo ID.

-If you lost your PayPal email, just follow instructions above and get the PDF or print it or whatever works for you as long as it’s an accurate representation.

-Digital or paper printout is fine; it just has to be either the PayPal transaction or the email. NO EXCEPTIONS, please--this is for everyone's security.

Finally, the workshop schedule has been posted!!! Please go to

The DJ page has also been updated (though my URL updating skills are lacking, sorry)! Check it out:

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the tardiness of this post. This year has been difficult for many people in many ways, myself included. My hope is that all this work will pay off in spades for ALL of us and we can have a few days of pure joy in these stressful times. <3


The 3(2) Degrees Crew