3 Degrees Campout 2018: 


Thursday, July 5th — Sunday, July 8th 2018
Gates Open at 3pm, July 5th
Gates Close at 3pm, July 8th


Enjoy 4 days of frolicking in the sun and 3 nights throwing down with a community that has (or will) come to feel like family. We'll have movies to help you unwind after your journey and music to keep your body moving.

3 Degrees has always endeavored to create a vibrant, interconnected community. Our very name is a nod to the fact that we are all connected by three degrees of separation at most. It is this web of connection that allows us to shine both individually and collectively.


Here is a little bit of what you are in for at this years event...


Thursday, JULY 5

Movie Night (starting shortly after sundown)
Our tradition of screening movies, short films, and cartoons continues with Melanee at the helm once again. Snacks and warm drinks will be available from our snack elves.


Friday, JULY 6

Music by the Pond
Come get a tan pondside while enjoying great beats. Snacks and treats will be served periodically throughout the afternoon.

Family Dinner
Don't plan on cooking your dinner and enjoy a catered dinner planned and cooked by someone else.

Grilled chicken breast/paneer tikka masala & grilled tofu vegan tikka masala

White basmati rice

Grilled naan

Fresh herbed green salad- cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans & mint, lightly dressed with lemon, turmeric, ginger vinaigrette

Ginger cookies and gluten free chocolate brownies

Chai iced tea

Silent Disco
After 10pm the sound system will be turned down, and silent disco headphones will be provided as we party on into the night.


Saturday, JULY 7

Music by the Pond
Keep working on that tan pondside while enjoying even more great beats. Snacks and treats will continue to be served periodically throughout the afternoon.

Family Dinner
Don't plan on cooking your dinner and enjoy a catered dinner planned and cooked by someone else.

Penne with beef marinara & penne with grilled veg marinara

(Gluten free option available)

Panzanella salad with croutons served on the side, lightly dressed with red wine vinaigrette

Warm French sourdough

Assorted Italian cookies and cakes

Strawberry lemonade

Silent Disco
After 10pm the sound system will be turned down, and silent disco headphones will be provided as we party on into the night.


sunday, JULY 8

Wake up, strike camp, and depart (morning - 3pm)
Pack up your stuff, help strike camp if you can, and then hit the road when you’re ready. Pack it in/pack it out. LEAVE NO TRACE! 






9:00 AM - 10:00 AM with Ron

This meditation workshop will concentrate on two forms of meditation: Insight meditation (mindfulness)  and metta meditation (loving kindness). You will be offered some instruction and guidance in the practice so no experience is required to sit. The workshop will conclude with a short talk and discussion.


Morning Yoga Session

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM with Kathren

We’ll begin with a nature-based guided meditation. Then we’ll connect with ourselves, one another, and the trees through our breath; sound through the chakras; engage in some playful yoga and shake it all out. Let’s move some energy together and practice in ways that bring us joy and prepare our bodies for dancing. All levels of experience are welcome. Kids under 12, please bring an adult with you!


Zen Thai Touch

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM with Tino

Zen Thai Touch (ZTT) is comprised of gentle stretching that gradually flows into a modified version of basic Thai massage. ZTT is slower than traditional Thai massage as it provides the practitioner the opportunity to hold and listen to the receiver’s energy field while paying reverence to the session. Intuition and creativity is always welcomed in ZTT.

ZTT is a partner workshop. A mat, sleeping bag, pillows, blanket, and/or any other soft squishy items will be important to help you stay comfortable. ZTT is done with light clothing on, so shorts or yoga pants are perfect.


Groovy Booty Yoga

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM with Megan

Come one, come all as Megan leads us in a gentle yoga adventure designed to delight the body & open the senses. Prepare your dancing vessel for an evening of maximum shenanigans. Release tension and open the channels for bliss, connection and clear seeing of just how blessed we are. Be there!


Morning Yoga Session

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM with Kathren

Today’s practice will begin with a body-centered meditation and breathwork. Then we’ll move into heart-opening postures to greet the day, inviting an atmosphere of gratitude and celebration. After connecting with ourselves in the web of life through the divine play of yoga (Yoga Lila), we’ll end with our back bodies outstretched upon the earth in an experience of our common union. All levels welcome. Kids under 12, please bring an adult with you!


Tea Party!

1:00 PM - till you drop

OK, it's not quite a workshop, but we hope that you'll hippity-hop with us in delicious joy and reverie! Teacups, cookies, unbirthday celebrations abound!



Workshop Leaders


Kathren Murrell Stevenson, Ph.D., CYT is the founder of Wisdom Ecology and an adjunct instructor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For Kathren, yoga is a vehicle for personal healing and transformation, as well as creative play. She weaves breath and sound through a varied asana practice; her classes are designed to help create a greater sense of balance and overall awareness in everyday life.

Kathren taught weekly public yoga classes for over a decade and now supports nature-loving spiritual explorers, yogis, and change makers in reclaiming their wholeness within the web of life so they are empowered and inspired to participate in the re-dreaming of themselves and our world. Our work bridges science and spirit to provide a transformation and healing process grounded in embodiment, Indigenous wisdom, and nature-based healing practices: www.wisdomecology.com.  On FB: www.facebook.com/wisdomecology

Megan Gathers is delighted to share her passion for yoga at 2 degrees. She is a private yoga instructor and body worker in San Francisco, self employed for over a decade now. Her warm and accessible style encourages trust in our animal nature and invites the inner child to come out and play.

Ron Nikel has been meditating for five years. He entered into practice when he was seeking to recover from drug addiction five years ago and has since gone on to expand his practice of meditation to all aspects of his life. Ron is currently in a two-year training program to become a meditation teacher.  

Santino Cattaneo is a Licensed Massage Therapist and practitioner of Watsu (water-shiatsu), Aquatic Integration, and Zen Thai Touch on dry land.

He is the inventor and currently sole practitioner of a unique dance style known as the Chi-Bot,  which is quite simply a combination of the robot and Qi Gong. If the spirit is willing, the art of the Chi-bot flow may make an appearance on the dance floor Friday & Saturday nights.

And now to the details...



  • Dogs (or any other pets)
  • Campfires, portable grills and stoves
  • Fireworks 
  • Children over the age of 12

This is a campout. You'll be outside! Bring a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes for nighttime, a flashlight, all that jazz. We will provide a catered dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, you will also want to bring sufficient food for the rest of your stay.

Weather -  It will likely be in the 90’s during the day, and 60’s at night. 

Bathrooms & Showers - There are bathrooms with sinks, flushing toilets, and unheated outdoor showers. 

Camp stoves are strictly prohibited due to fire hazard, but there is a kitchen with oven and stove available, and a large fire with a cooking grate pretty much the whole weekend, so you'll have no trouble cooking.

You'll be provided a trash bag when you arrive, and you are responsible for taking your trash with you when you leave.