3(2) Degrees tickets on sale 5/4/18!

Hold onto your toadstools, jabberwocks! As you may know by now, we are returning down the rabbit hole to Camp and Sons for our first Un-Birthday as what we're casually calling 2 Degrees. And un-casually calling "Through the Looking Glass." No chortles about it, we are super excited to see where this yellow brick road takes us! Wait, wrong theme... We've been hanging out with the Caterpillar too much!

So what's the deal with this mad tea party, anyway? Well:

  • Tickets go on sale at noon on 5/4, for $265. Kids are $230; babies (who can't talk yet) are free. 
  • The price for all tickets includes two full dinners, snacks, workshops, DJs, 24/7 EMT service, Silent Disco, and other luscious accouterments.
  • Given the scaled-down size (we drank the potion!), the number of tickets available is VERY limited, so you'll need to act quickly!
  • Discounted tickets are available for workshop leaders and performers; please email worshops@3degreessf.com for more. 
  • Financial Assistance: Once it's live on 5/4, those who submit the request form on our site will be reviewed and considered as well; we anticipate the number of requests to exceed the number of tickets available for this purpose

We understand and regret that, given the higher price and the limited attendance allowed, many will be unable to join us. We're calling it shrinking pains. It hurts, though this new format means being able to fit through the door to our Wonderland of Less Work for Aging Ravers. We hope to see you on the other side!

The 3(2) Degrees Crew

Save the date! This year's 4th of July Campout....

‘Twas brillig and the Camp of Sons
Sat nylon-tented in the wabe;
All mimsy were the gathered ones,
And the DJs outgrabe.

Immersed in uffish beats so good,
The DJwock, in laser light,
Was bounching in the tulgey wood
And spunzled half the night.
Save the date2018.jpg

That's right... we're off to Wonderland, folks! But pay attention... this yearwill be a bit topsy-turvy. The Red Queen has restricted the number of invitations we can make available. But if you manage not to be late, be late, for a very important date, you can join us in the Tulgey Wood and celebrate your unbirthday in a land of madness, nonsense, and golden afternoons.

More soon, my little dormouse.


The (2) Degrees Crew

New location!

Strap on yer light-up chaps and cowboy hats! It is our great pleasure (and relief!) to announce that our boogielicious home for this year’s 3 Degrees campout, Rodeo 54, has been secured! In fact it’s so secure, we won’t be able to reveal the exact location until the night before the event (old skool, yo!). We CAN say that it *is* in the same place as 2015, though, and we’ve wrangled some new ideas for taking advantage of everything the site has to offer, including:

New lighting, a new dance floor experience, and sparklier ponies!

***IMPORTANT: if you know the site, please keep it under yer studded Stetson and especially no mentions on social media -- it’s imperative for the success of the event!***

Here’s what else we can tell you:

Dancing under the stars all night is BACK!
Camping in the forest is BACK!
BIGGER sound system!
HOT showers!
Cool pool!
Lots of shade!
Plenty of free RV water hookups!
30 miles closer to Bay Area!
Still no doggies or pets of any kind :(

Not a whole lot will be different, but one big change is that there are no cabins for rent at this property. We will be issuing refunds for all of those and RV space rentals today via PayPal. Note: You can still bring your RV to the new location, the water hookups are free (no power though). We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you will be unable to attend the event due to the location change and wish for a ticket refund, please submit your request by  NOON ON MONDAY, 6/19/17:

We will process the request within a week. Please include the email address used by PayPal and/or the PayPal transaction ID in your request. If we need any further information from you in order to process your request, we will follow up with you directly. NOTE: Once that date has passed, we will default back to our standard policy of not issuing refunds. You will be responsible for finding a friend to sell it to, or posting it for sale in the Facebook event/group.

The main things everyone needs to know (and please cooperate on) are:

•PACK-IT-IN, PACK-IT-OUT: This is a green, Leave No Trace event. There are NO trash or recycling receptacles on site so please be prepared to manage both responsibly and pack out when you leave. We will have large and small trash bags for everybody. Consider taking a small bag with you when you leave your campsite for extended periods (we recommend bringing extras in your supplies). You can help reduce your load by leaving packaging at home and buying things in larger sizes like a liter of soda instead of a six pack, for example.

•Please bring your own reusable plate/cup/utensils + cookware and refrain from bringing anything disposable (see above). You are allowed to set up your camping stove in the designated cooking area but nowhere else on the property. There will also be large propane grills available and a washing station for your dishes.

•There is no ice available on-site. Please bring plenty with you, and/or have a designated person in your group to do an ice run locally (~15 mins to town).

•There is also no bar at this site, so it’s back to BYO.

All this info and more can be found on our Event Details page. We will be making updates as we go so please be sure to check back before the event.

We can’t wait to be dancing under the stars with you once again!

Love ~

3 Degrees Crew