This year's workshops... a teaser

Greetings, Gorgeous Gatherers~
Today, we offer you a quick glimpse of what's in store for you with this year's workshops. More details will be released in the near future, but here's an appetizer:

  • Sacred Chakra Healing With Singing Bowls, led by Paul Jarreau
  • Poi Spinning and Whip-Cracking (2 separate workshops), led by Erol Efendioglu
  • Angel Healing, led by Corin Grillo
  • Epoxy Resin Pendant Making, led by Jamie Luv
  • Yoga is in the works-- ***if you'd like to offer a yoga workshop,*** please email workshops _at_ 3degreessf _dot_ com.

Got other mad skillz you can turn into a workshop? Please contact us at the above email!

If you want to experience these awesome offerings for yourself as part of this year's final big 3 Degrees event, get your tickets here:

The 3 Degrees Crew

Tier 3 tickets almost gone

Dear Fabulous People of 3 Degrees~
Don't miss your chance to get in on the Tier 3 ticket price level before they're all gone! There's only one left after this, Tier 4, until the last day of sales. Kids' tickets remain the same, of course. :)

Remember, per last week's announcement, this is also our ***last large-scale event***. It's your LAST chance to experience 3 Degrees as you've always known it.

It also happens to be the most fun, high-energy gathering we've ever planned? So why wait? Let's do-si-do, disco dollies!

Get 'em here:, and see you there!

The 3 Degrees Crew

Announcing: Rodeo 54 DJs!

Hey there, Happy Campers!
It's here-- the moment you've been waiting for! We are psyched to announce the confirmed list of 3 Degrees 2017 DJs! This year is gonna put some pep in that step like no other time in years past. Feast your Farrah Fawcett-feathered faces on this:

BB Hayes:

Boom Human:

Brian Peek:

Buxta Høøda:

Chris Hadley:

DJ Diagnosis:


Funomenon (Danger Muffin & CRANE):,

Interstellar DJ:

Jack Itaq:

Jeff Richmond:





Nurse Noise:


Robbie Durham:






Bios will be released starting June 1st, along with mixes so you can really get that groove in yer get along!

The 3 Degrees Crew

Volunteering and Medical Lead

Howdy, Groovy Gauchos~
It's time to start wranglin'! Volunteers, that is. Did you know that 3 Degrees is a nonprofit organization and event run entirely by volunteers? No sponsorship or grant money, either--this whole community event truly could not exist without YOU.

So now that you've bought (or are about to buy) your tickets--the fuel to keep this techno tractor runnin'--how's about you give 'er a little (elbow) grease and pitch in for a volunteer shift or two? It really is what keeps this engine scootin'. 

First time at the campout? Even better! Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet/connect with your fellow community members.

There are plenty of opportunities: 231, in fact. And only 23 have been taken up, so what are you waitin' for? Saddle up that sparkle pony and hustle on over to Once you've signed up on the schedule, be sure to register so we can wrangle ya proper-like.

Finally, speaking of volunteers, we still need a MEDICAL LEAD. If you are medically trained (EMT, nurse, doc, medic), you’re right for the job. You’ll have a volunteer crew of folks who are CPR/First Aid certified (we're looking for more of those, too), and everyone will take shifts. It’s rare that anyone will be called upon, and there are many emergency services very close by. We just need someone to oversee this vital offering so we’re covered in case we need it. Are you game?

Thanks, partners. 

The 3 Degrees Crew

Tickets on sale now!

Dear high-falootin’ rootin’-tootin’s~

Strap on yer spurs and faux furs, y’all! It’s time to get your tickets* to this year’s hustlin’ hootenanny!

Of course our fabulous DJs will get your broncos buckin’ and you won’t want to miss our beloved Movie Night, Family Dinner, Workshops, Performers, and Sierra Meadows bar (no need to lug that jug!) but this year we’re also bringin’ more activities and fun than ever before!

  • A Sparkle Pony pageant and Happy Hour! (Free drink tickets: alcoholic and non)!
  • A Disco Flodeo!
  • A Whip-Cracking Contest!
  • A “Branding” Station! (Notice the quotes…)
  • And for the kids only, there’s stick horse racing, floaty sliding, a three-legged race, a wheel barrow race, horse shoes, and a fashion show. There will also be a big blow-up kids pool with a slide!

There’s SOOO much more (just wait till you see the EPIC disco “ball”….) we can’t wait to tell you about, but you can buy tickets and rent cabins/RV spaces right here, right now!. Rope ‘em quickly as first tiers sell out fast! Please remember to sign up for a volunteer shift or two while you’re there. Volunteers are the heartbeat of everything we do!

Can’t wait to see you all there! Yeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!

The 3 Degrees Crew

*As much as we’ve strived to keep pricing mostly static over the years, costs have gone up for 2017 due to an increase in venue fees. We’ve been working hard together to make sure prices are still reasonable but also allow Sierra Meadows to stay in business. We all want that because they are amazing event partners and when they thrive, our communities benefit too. And we are especially aimin’ to give ya more bangs for your buckaroos with the super fun activities added.