The music lineup for 2018 is currently being determined. 

Wondering what our music vibe is like? Check out our 2017 lineup below.

2017 Music Lineup 




11a Jack Itaq
1230p Squelchy
2p Buxta Høøda
330p Robbie Durham
5p Scottino


930p Spacelotus
11p Orion
1230a Brian Peek
2a Ron/e
330a Jason Knight


10p Outersect
12a Keyframe



12p MelzBellz
130p Sean Raya
3p Ezra
430p Jeff Richmond


8p Rumblemunk
930p Nurse Noise
11p Funomenon (Danger Muffin + CRANE)
1a Chris Hadley
230a DJ Diagnosis


10p Sean Raya
12a Boom Human

In alphabetical order:

Boom human

Boom Human accompanies his bassy midtempo with the 10-stringed Chapman Stick, which he uses to play synth bass and other sounds live. He has performed across North America at clubs, festivals and events including Burning Man in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Boom Human has shared stages with acts like Buddha Bass, Kaminanda, Desert Dwellers and Beats Antique.

Brian Peek (Opulent Temple)

Brian Peek has been a DJ & radio producer taste maker since 2003. Starting out in radio, producing syndicated radio shows for commercial FM, XM Satellite, and podcasts for Thump Radio. In 2009, he was invited to join Opulent Temple, including a prestigious DJ residency and executive producer of the OT podcast for the longest running large scale sound camp in Burning Man history. He is a true professional who takes his craft seriously and has provided performance support for some of the globe's most well-known jocks, like Carl Cox, Lee Burridge, Infected Mushroom, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Stanton Warriors and Uberzone to name a few.

Buxta Høøda

Buxta Høøda has been a musician for – perhaps – centuries; DJing, composing, and producing in a wide range of styles. Music flows through him like air through a forest canopy, and he loves you all with an infinite love.

DJ Diagnosis

DJ Diagnosis got his start in the mid-90s on turntables and never left them since. He started out playing funky house and then got into breaks and hip-hop and a wide range of genres. He looks forward to returning to his funky house roots for this event and always enjoys DJing with the 3 Degrees family.

Chris hadley (steady/3 degrees)

Chris Hadley has been a DJ for nearly 20 years. He's part of the Steady crew in San Francisco, and has performed throughout California, and on the East Coast. Chris plays a mix of techno, minimal, and tech house, with occasional excursions into other sounds.

Ezra (3 Degrees)

Ezra started throwing records 25 years ago at the geographic center of New York, Toronto and Detroit. After shepherding a few radio shows and residencies, life brought him west where 3 Degrees has become his home of family and spirit. Rooted in breaks but always happy to bend a genre, Ezra mixes east coast energy with west coast groove.

Funomenon (Danger Muffin & CRANE)

Danger Muffin and CRANE are married tech-house duo, Funomenon, recently formed on a whim and a dare and debuting at 3 Degrees 2017. Rikki, aka Danger Muffin, began spinning vinyl in 1997 as one of a handful of pioneering women DJs in the Bay Area. She has shared the decks with greats such as Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, and Mark Lewis and is currently a co-producer and resident DJ of 3 Degrees. Michael, aka CRANE, has thrown down for Love Potion, Steady, FiX, and brings it as a 3 Degrees resident DJ.

Jack Itaq

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Jack Itaq is a Party Marine who tends to work way too hard building over-the-top lighting rigs. He dreams of Perfect Pool Parties and Endless summers filled with Disco Bliss.

Jason Knight (Steady)

With 20 years of music production and DJ experience, a stellar list of club appearances, countless original productions including a full-length album called “As wide as an open sky", Jason has emerged as one of the most respected artists in the Bay Area Dance Music scene. He currently resides in Oakland, working on a new sound and an album in his home studio.

Jeff Richmond (Steady, 3 Degrees)

Jeff is a San Francisco based DJ bumping the various tek flavors of dance music. His music is defined by clean beats and poly rhythms, driving basslines, and funky, bleepy, computer glitch goodness all governed by a minimalist aesthetic that's prone to wandering into full throttle madness at the drop of a hat. Enjoy the ride!


Keyframe has been involved in Electronic Music Culture since the 90's as a dancer, music label, promoter, film producer, artist manager, and more. Only recently has he ventured in exploring the DJing aspect of the culture and is thrilled to share the sonic gems uncovered over the decades. He has spun at the 3 Degrees camp-out and various Burning Man camps in the past.

Keyframe's main music influences are Johnny Blue, The Wisdom of Shankara, Bluetech, and Dissolv. He loves shamanic chill sounds filled with complexity and harmony and his objective is to bring PsyDub music to the forefront of North American festival culture. His music selection spans through many different countries and weaves intentional mellow grooves with psychedelic overtones.

Keyframe is the Executive Producer of "Electronic Awakening," a film about the spirituality of Electronic Dance Music, the Associate Producer of "The Bloom Series: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals," and "The American Jungle," a film about the DnB movement in the U.S. Keyframe's latest remix project has been featured on EDMtv:

MelzBellz (3 Degrees)

DJ MelzBellz began with spinning 80s vinyl at a backyard party in 2004. She's played some old goth favorites for Halloween parties, and has been doing her favorite thing, eclectic downtempo sets, at various parties since 2006.

Nurse Noise

Nurse Noise is a DJ specializing in booty-shaking, bass-heavy, good-time feeling beats. She believes the attitude behind the decks is just as important as the music selection and mixing.


Outersect is Rob Rayle - a San Francisco Bay Area based composer, producer, music technologist, and 1-man electronic jam band. Outersect music is glitchy psychedelic downtempo breakbeat that lives somewhere in and around a space inhabited by the likes of Shpongle & Ott, with occasional side trips to left field. You can find it on Muti music, Aleph-Zero, & Heart's Eye records.

Orion (3 Degrees, Darwin Fish Tank/DFT)

With 2 decades of experience from behind the turntables, Orion has been bringing good vibes, smiles and excitement to dance floors from as far away as England and Singapore. He developed his discerning ear for music as the proprietor of the Anomalies record store in Santa Barbara and from being immersed in the rave scene since the mid-nineties. This will be his 5th set at 3 Degrees where he promises to brings his unique blend of funky house beats behind uplifting, progressive melodies. Expect the unexpected from Orion this year!

Robbie durham

One of San Francisco's best kept secrets, Robbie Durham is a whisper...something only heard in the Underground. Dj and Producer evolved from Promoter/Production Producer of many popular parties over the years. Having been formally trained in music, playing records came naturally for him and he has been igniting dance floors ever since. His vast range and impeccable technical execution is pure pleasure and endures with the listener. He is a legendary audio alchemist enrapturing his listeners into wanting more.

Ron/e (3 Degrees)

DJ and Event Producer for 20 years. Ron/e has produced Fix SF, 2XL, Rotate, Vibrant, and 3 Degrees as well as Coda at Burning Man in 2007. He has been a longtime fixture in the San Francisco music scene and in the underground rave scene since the 90's as well as sound camps at the early Burning Man events starting in the 90's.

Rumblemunk (Fixsf/

Bass + Funk = Rumblemunk. Native to SF and the Burning Man music scene, often in his studio working on a new track or collaborating with local DJ heroes like DJ Deckard.

Scottino (FiXsf)

Scottino has been DJ’ing since he bought his first pair of turntables in Y2K. He has rocked the decks at Vibrant, Shimmer, 3degrees, FnF, Rhythm Society, Burning Man, Sol System, Opulent Temple, Coda, FiX, Steady, Qool, and many more in between. Some of his best sets have been at 3degrees campouts, and we can’t WAIT to hear what he’s got in store for us this year!

Sean Raya (Funk'n Deep Records, Reload Black)

Whether it be a sweaty warehouse at 4 in the morning or a packed nightclub during peak hour, Sean Raya always knows the perfect tune to match the mood. Known for his seamless mixes and genre-bending sound, Sean has been leaving a lasting impression on dance floors for over a decade. In 2016, Sean Raya moved to San Francisco. He adopted the pyramid as his logo because it symbolizes his journey through music. It takes many bricks to build a pyramid, and the top brick cannot be laid until all the other bricks have been carefully placed and interlocked. Sean’s pyramid has been built. With the launch of his weekly radio show, Pyramids Podcast, he has laid the top brick.


Born in Detroit and raised in Chicago, Spacelotus is the cosmic integration of house and techno music. As the founder of "The Phamily Gathering" and "Radio Explore", he was first inspired by the early pioneers of house music and the late 90's Chicago rave scene. With a cinematic style of mixing and dedication to the dance floor, Spacelotus welcomes you to the dance music underground.


Michael Evans is Squelchy, longtime member of the Bay Area downtempo DJ crew The Ambient Mafia. Lately he’s been digging more uptempo beats and is really excited to share his special blend of underground techno, funky house and disco with the y'all on the dancefloor this summer. When he’s not behind the decks you can also find him playing guitar in San Francisco psyche-rock band The Society of Rockets.